2-A Room With A View (or Just a View)

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Hmm this is a hard one.. I’m going to say the Ocean in August.  

Out near Montauk, NY there’s a truck beach that you can go to.  You need to be shown how to get there but it’s in a residential neighborhood that you can access the beach but there’s no parking, you have to drive down the beach, and in the middle of the tourist season it’s my favorite place to go.

First of all the summer is my favorite time of year.  Living in a place that has all four seasons, going from wearing two pairs of pants to walk across campus to being able to wear next to nothing and be comfortable is my favorite thing.  I just love being able to be outside in shorts and have the air not hurt my skin, just feel good.  

Going to the truck beach is amazing, there’s no one there besides the people you go with, you have the whole beach to your self…given there’s no life guard but whatever don’t be an idiot.  

You get there park the truck facing the dunes, open all the windows and turn on the radio.  Open the cooler and crack a cold beer or pour a glass of wine.  Set up the towels and the umbrella so you have a shaded area if you need it (more for the dog, but without the umbrella she’ll sleep in the shadow from the truck).  Having the beach to yourself getting to run with your dog not worry about the people “OMG she looks like a pit bull put her on a leash”. Excuse me my mutt is the sweetest snuggliest dog ever.  And if shes running up to you it’s going to be to smell you and wait until you tell her if she can jump on you and give you kisses or not. And my favorite not having to see people you don’t want to have to pretend to like. 

Being able to just talk to your friends and lay in the sun until you get so hot you need to go into the water.  Watching Daisy walk up to the water and then walk back and forth with the waves because moving water interests and scares her. And then when the sun goes down, setting up a bonfire and a grill.  Make dinner and sit around the fire to keep warm until you’re about to fall asleep.


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