Jan 14th-Ripped Into the Headline-Daily Prompt

Ripped Into the Headline

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

…it’s Thursday…I am temporarily unemployed (the restaurant I work at is seasonal and only open April to November) and I am out of school for the next week and a half.. this is my vacation, I wouldn’t know what day it is without my iphone..and every day is mixing together.. let’s see if i can remember what i did this weekend……



Earlier last week my Aunts Mother passed away (not as sad as one would think, she’s been very sick and now she’s at peace).  I didn’t know her but my mom went to high school with my Aunt and wanted to be at the wake and funeral for her.  My sister is 14 and my parents house is a mile away from mine and recently she’s been acting like i did as a high schooler..well honestly not as bad as i was. See her problem is with doing school work and i didn’t really have a horrible time with that, i just went out with my friends a lot and didn’t listen to my parents, i would lie and manipulate and drink. But she’s not that bad she just doesn’t do school work.  And it’s so annoying because she has B’s and C’s and her teachers say she gets A’s on all her in class things and tests and quizzes just doesn’t do her homework.  Anyway she didn’t do her English assignment and didn’t tell my mom until the morning it was due so mom decided she couldn’t stay alone so my little sister slept over!

While here she annoyed me.. not intentionally just i was in the mood to clean and she was in the mood to face time so..i cleaned and she stayed in her room.  I cleaned my entire living room (which i later wrecked because i wanted to paint) and Matt cleaned my kitchen…which i later ruined as well… Honestly I cant really remember what else I did…WHY WASNT THIS A POST FOR A MONDAY! like yeah mondays suck but i can remember what i did the past two days….its a THURSDAY how am i supposed to remember what I did!!!


Ripped Into the Headline


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