1-Unlock the Mind.

So there’s a book put out by word press for writing 101.  It’s a 20 day program to help people develop writing skills and open up in their writing.  So for day 1 it says to just type for 20 minutes.  I’l say sorry now because it will most likely be boring.  The book said to just open a post and type, just ramble on.  And to post whatever comes to mind.

So this will probably never get read but I don’t care.  My boyfriends watching How I Met Your Mother and I love it.  I’ve already watched it twice and finally got him into it, I’m so glad he likes it.  And my dog is playing with her toys now so cute, usually she just sleeps or licks her paws.

My boyfriend just asked me what I was doing…and now he keeps trying to read over my shoulder..so the 20 minutes straight hasn’t happened yet so I’m starting over now.

Its  9:57 so I’m going to pretend I started at 9:55 so I’m going until 10:15.

The actress who played Donna on That 70s show is on How I Met Your Mother and I really don’t like this character…Karen’s a witch.  And I just got a notification of my first like on here.. YAY!

And Daisy is now on my feet being really cute.  Matt just said nice blog.  And now he’s pretending he read it and that I’m talking shit about him.  Wooh I’ve made it to 9:59 that means almost 1/4 of the way through and he hasn’t interrupted me enough to stop!!!!!

I am going to do stuff for school in a bit and continue reading one of my math text books yay!

I really wish all my syllabus’s were posted so I could start color coding my planner for this semester.  I saw this post on pinterest and I love it.  This girl color codes everything based on when it’s due.  So it’s purple the day it’s due and pink 1-2 days before orange 3-5 then green 6-9 and blue 10-14 and it’s actually really cool.  And now my computer says I only have 13 minutes left eek! so I dimmed it way down hopefully it will make it I’m aat 10:01 now. Omg I really hope no one is actually putting themselves through reading all of this and yay it is now 10:02 meaning I have 13 minutes left and my computer says I have 15 minutes of power left.

And now Daisy is laying on my legs and kinda on my computer screen and I just took a picture, she is sooooo cute.

Wow this is a lot harder than I thought, I’m like half way through and feel like I am out of things to write about.  hmmmm…I feel like I’m about to start repeating myself.  I can’t get over how cute my puppy is. and I don’t care how old she is she will always be my puppy.

Have you ever seen a thing where a kid writes an essay for school and half way in the kid writes well i know you aren’t really reading this so whatever well now I’m saying it comment your favorite animal if you’ve honestly made it this far.  And I keep having to hit the backspace bar and now Daisy’s nose is right above it and every time I use it her little wet nose is on it and gets my fingers.

What should I write about…? I’m hoping these writing prompts work and I can do this writing thing and get through the goals I wrote about earlier.  and I don’t care if this is cheating….my computers going to die its 10:08 and I’m going to get my charger.

Yay I have my charger now and it just turned 10:10.  hmm five more minutes.  What to do now…I keep feeling like matts watching and then he asks why are you writing what are you reading about and no this is supposed to be private ughh… he says he’ll find it i think not. i didn’t use any of my regular sign ons……and now im going to set up a password.

I’m getting ready to look at my like 🙂 and I posted a few today but it’s probably the story because that’s the only one that I linked to anything.

Three more minutes.

Marshall and Barney are both wearing night gowns on the show now…and honestly I want one..

OMG OMG OMG so I just heard someone growl…no it was not Daisy my dog…it was my orange cat Scout…he was growling at his sister and when i looked he had a dog toy in his mouth… the toy is a rubber red apple that is actually about the size of an apple and hollow with dog treats into it and he was holding it in his mouth and then walked half the way around the room and omg so cute it was way too big for a cat like that to carry…seriously I swear he is a dog.

omg 10:14 we’re almost done… this was actually pretty fun and while i highly doubt anyone stuck through all of this but for anyone who is as weird as me….this was actually pretty fun. I recommend it. and 10:15 peace out girl scout.


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