Jan 13th-Now You See Me-Daily Prompt

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

Alright let’s see how this goes-Week 1 Day 1.

When I woke up this morning I thought it was just an ordinary day.  I snoozed through the first 45 minutes of my alarm going off just to have that one last snuggle with my dog, to be in morning bliss.  Just long enough to see the actual time, 7:45.  Great then I had 15 minutes to get dressed, make myself look like a human, let the dog out, feed her and the cats, and get all my school stuff together.  If that’s not enough to start my day with a minor anxiety attack then what happened next must be.

When looking in the mirror I saw the disgusting pimple that decided to appear directly between my eyebrows and immediately wished to disappear…and then I don’t know how to explain it, but I know I must sound nuts…when I looked into the mirror all I saw was the mirrored image of my bathroom…with no one in it.  This only lasted as long as the feeling of wanting to disappear lasted in my stomach.  As soon as my embarrassment disappeared I appeared.

Surely as looking like crap and being ridiculously late wasn’t enough, I was also crazy.  I must have been seeing things but then again when I started thinking I didn’t want to be here, questioning my sanity, getting that empty, burning feeling of embarrassment in my stomach, I was gone.  It was like every time I wanted to disappear and would normally blush I disappeared instead.  Now the hardest part of my day wont be getting to school in time and having everything I needed it would be making sure I didn’t disappear in front of anybody.  

Then I realized this isn’t so much of a curse but a gift.  Now I can see what he really thinks of me.  See there’s this guy Matt, we’ve known each other for years but recently we’ve started hanging out with each other and started to become more than just friends.  But I’m not sure what he’s looking for or what he thinks of me and of this.  I always had a crush as in if I ever got a chance I would and I did and he’s great.  I really want more than just friends but in the three years I’ve known him he’s only had one girl friend and they broke up almost two years ago.  

So I decided I’ll just text my friends and have them email me notes from class and today I’ll spend the morning perfecting my use of this superpower and use it at Matt’s favorite bar, when he gets off work and has a few beers with the boys.  Time to figure out where this is going.

Now You See Me


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