Hello (not the Adele song…although I’m obsessed).

My name is Molly.  I am 22, live with my best friend/ boy friend Matt.  I am a Math Major and I have three beautiful fur babies, my 3 year old mutt Daisy, and my two nine-month old kittens, Scout and Bailey.  Other than names I’m not going to include what town i live in or what school I go to just because I feel if i include that then people I know may read this and I wont be able to just write.

Here’s Scout and Daisy….Scout thinks he’s a dog while Daisy thinks she’s a cat.


And here’s Bailey, she’s pretty shy compared to her brother but so silly.


I love reading blogs and seeing how different methods help people accomplish goals.  I feel if I make myself write about what I’m doing then it will give me motivation to actually do them.  Kind of like if you tell yourself you’re going to go to the gym you usually don’t but if you make plans to go to the gym with a friend you almost always will.  So let’s see how this works.

So some of the goals I’m going to work on accomplish:

  1. Get all A’s in school.—When I’m not in school read for fun again!
  2. Keep up with this blog.—-and figure out how to use word press.
    • Also I saw this thing word press put out “Writing 101- how to build a blogging habit” and i’m totally going to try it.  Pretty much they have daily writing prompts and it’s a four week challenge initially but they continue to have daily prompts to keep up with.
    • I’m not usually a writing person but I think it’ll be fun and sorry in advance not sure how entertaining any of this will be, but honestly this is for me not for you.
  3. Go to the Gym—-or at least run with Daisy.
    • We have literally the best dog park not even a mile away from my house.  It used to be a nursery and then the town bought it and turned it into a 12 acre dog park with 10 foot tall deer fence.  When you come in there are three “trails” that lead up to an open field and you just let your dog run off the leash and you can run with them.  It’s literally Daisy’s favorite place and she lights up and gets the cutest forehead wrinkles when you say “park”.
    • At a minimum get 10,000 steps a day–my fitbit is one of my favorite things!
  4. Keep my house clean.. >_<
    • I love my parents and they give me everything, they’ve put up with me and always loved me even when my bratty teenage self did not deserve it and I am so grateful, but they are pack-rats in the nicest way possible and ever since I moved out I’ve been working so hard to not take that habit with me.


So each of my daily post will include:

  1. What I’ve done that day for school.
  2. The writing prompt from Word Press (maybe in a separate post).
  3. Okay the gym thing isn’t going to be a daily thing but when I do go I’ll post, this will be a two day a week thing.
  4. A quick sentence or two about my cleaning progress.

I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’ll just add on when I remember.



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