Day 1- Jan 13th

  1. What I’ve done that day for school.
    • School hasn’t started yet (spring semester starts the 25th) but I’ve printed the one syllabus that’s been posted online so far and i don’t care how nerdy this sounds I’ve started reading the textbooks..although my textbooks are all paperback 200 or so page books and by the covers don’t look too bad.. but they probably are.
  2. The writing prompt from Word Press (maybe in a separate post).
    • Okay so I did my first writing prompt but not sure how long to make it.  I did the beginning of a story, having the super power of invisibility and how i’d use it.  Hopefully it didn’t suck too badly.
  3. Okay the gym thing isn’t going to be a daily thing but when I do go I’ll post, this will be a two day a week thing.
    • Yeah, I’ll be honest, it was below freezing today and I’m lazy so the exercise thing will not begin today.. and since i spent most of the day setting up this blog and writing (while having gossip girl in the background) I haven’t really left my couch..oops.
  4. A quick sentence or two about my cleaning progress.
    1. So recently I decided to paint the trim in my house, it was all mismatched stains of wood and half were painted this weird green color that clashed so badly with the green color on my walls (Matt and I are renting his moms house because she moved out of state and we’re pretty much living here until she decides she doesn’t want the house anymore, so we’re allowed to paint and do pretty much whatever we want design wise to the house) so I’ve been painting all the trim in my house white.  Well actually all the trim in my living steps. But today I took all the tape and tarp from yesterday off my walls and floor and while my dining room and kitchen are still a complete mess like looks like a war zone, my living room has been returned to normal.  So like I said baby steps but it’s progress. Here’s a picture from my living room.

IMG_0571 (1).JPG


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