About my schooling

When I was in high school I wasn’t a straight A student but mostly high B’s and some A’s.  I found my dream college and I got in and went.  I loved everything about it. SUNY ESF upstate New York.  It shared a campus with Syracuse University.  I made great friends and had a great time but I was a bio major and let’s just say it wasn’t for me.  On the surface I really like science but when it gets down to it and knowing all of the details it was too much for me.  I’m way better with how things work, with having a way to do something and understanding it.  Not only with math problems but with knitting (yeah ik I sound 80) or cooking.  Anyway the school was very hard and although I tried all my grades were C’s and D’s.  So after my third semester I transferred to my community college, I decided I wanted to go to nursing school so I received my associates degree in liberal arts and completed all my prerequisites for nursing school,–3 more semesters.  At this time my boyfriend Matt and I ended up moving in together…well I started staying there every night and bringing an additional bag with me every couple of days until I lived there.

I then realized that nursing school (the two in my area) were ridiculously hard to get into.  At this point I decided that rather than not getting into nursing school I was also interested in teaching math so i decided that in addition to applying to nursing school I’d apply to a four year university for math, and I decided to go with which ever I got into.  

Really long story kinda not so short, I am now a math major, going into my 4th semester.  Working on getting really good grades, although I have pretty good grades, because I’m going to apply for a combined bachelors/masters degree for teaching.  


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